The world is mobile. What we mean by this is that today, both businesses and customers like to incorporate buying, selling and investing in their everyday routine rather than going out to different establishments just to be able to shop. Therefore, it becomes totally evident that the businesses who come to them, right in the middle of their routine are bound to benefit more as compared to brick-and-mortar establishments that not only demand a lot of time and investment but also effort from the customers themselves.

In today’s digital age, people would rather spend an hour scrolling their screens rather than walking to a store or running an errand. Therefore, quite understandably, many businesses have made it a point to capture the interest of potential customers in the digital sphere itself. Digital Marketing happens in the online sphere and there are a few major channels that are favoured by businesses when it comes to reaching out to audiences. Here is a comprehensive list of these channels:


Electronic mail is an excellent way of reaching out to potential buyers, transmitting information and not being too pushy. An average person checks their email at least once a day, if not more and chances are that they would read your email if it is sitting in their inbox.

The catch here is, however, that the number of businesses that use this channel over the years has increased drastically. Engines like Google Mail, have a separate tab where marketing emails normally land. Chances are that your e-mail might get lost in the bulk of marketing emails. This is where a good digital marketing professional comes in. The trick is to make your business stand out and a well-written and framed email that captures the attention of the reader even before they have clicked to open the email!

Social Media:

Social media communities and circles today are as much of a reality as a tight-knit neighbourhood, group of school or uni friends or work colleagues would have been a few decades back. Real friendships and relationships thrive on digital platforms and you will often hear about people bonding over their favourite musicians, books, movies and more! This gives brands an excellent way to tap into already built communities with millions of people by reaching out to them, as compared to individuals. Accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook among other platforms are a great way of making marketing personal and global at the same time!

Affiliate Marketing:

Instead of having to wait to become viral and reach a high amount of traffic, what if you could put yourself right in the heart of a high-traffic channel? This is exactly what affiliate marketing does! You reach out to community leaders who already have high engagement; these can be movie stars, sports stars, businessmen or even YouTubers and then collaborate with them to get visibility for your brand. Smart affiliations can fetch you a lot more attention than other traditional methods. 

Where does the Technique Come in?

Going viral might seem like a fluke but it is often not that. Viral content requires a lot of thought and effort and being at the right time at the right place. Having one viral post and then not being able to keep up the traffic or keep your audiences engaged will do you little good. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy. Your content must be relevant, search-engine friendly and evolve with the very fast-paced world of digital marketing. Digital trends change at a lightning-fast pace and therefore, it is advisable to have a professional team who works exclusively on your digital marketing strategy and works towards realising it in real-time!

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