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Social media marketing can be easily described as marketing having fun! This can be seen as a reflection of the consumers in the twenty-first century; if you are able to entertain them, you have their attention! We, at Progeny Digital, understand this connection and therefore make your social media work for you! We are a social media marketing agency in Leeds that offers both global and local outreach for your business online so that your growth is never compromised.

Our seasoned experts perform extensive research, doing a deep dive into your current online traffic and potential audiences. Once all the background knowledge has been collected, it is then used to create targeted content across platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin to Twitter. Social media can help you create brand value which in turn can offer manifold benefits, from an increase in sales to higher customer loyalty and thus a longer life in the market.

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We, at Progeny Digital, pride ourselves in being a social media agency in Leeds that spend their time and effort in knowing their customers. We deal with social media on a daily basis and this gives us an intrinsic understanding of the landscape but what makes us stand out is the fact that we do not try to create fixed formulas that can be used across markets and businesses.

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On the contrary, we start with you and then tailor our services to your immediate environment and to things that might work for you. For some businesses, it can mean making necessary tweaks in their image and for others, it can mean a total transformation. The trick is to work smart and factor in all the different aspects of social media, from time sensitivity to the collective mood of the people visiting your websites.

If you are a local business and want to focus your social media marketing on Leeds and its immediate surroundings, we can help you with targeted campaigns which include regular posts to interactive sessions. Since our team of experts is made up of talented, young professionals, we can safely say that we are well-versed with the online and sphere. Having been a part of this world for decades, we are able to predict the shifts in social media and the incoming trends that might affect your business.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and take you along for your social media transformation journey. We keep you up to pace throughout all phases of the development of your social media plan. After the plan is proposed and implemented, we offer you access to the numbers through regular reports on the number of hits and increase in traffic, showing how the different platforms are responding to the change and helping your business.

To learn more about us and how we can help you with your particular business, whether it is in Leeds or anywhere in the world, you can simply reach out to us here! Our experts will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and help you get started with redefining your social media presence!

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