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PPC or Pay-Per-Click management refers to the process of managing the resources spent on a business’s PPC advertisements. When used in an optimal manner, PPCs can help boost your business and bring in extra revenue. On the other hand, if not handled in a proper manner, you can also end up draining a lot of money in the process. This is where PPC management companies come into the picture. We, at Progeny Digital, offer our clients PPC advice and management services, allowing them to reach their full potential.

We offer a holistic PPC management suite that covers several aspects of PPCs, right from introducing the keywords, up to the testing phase. Our multi-step PPC management in Leeds includes developing a targeted keyword bank that is designed to bring in relevant traffic to the website. The next step is to determine which route to take when considering the paid social media placements for your particular website. Once that has been determined, a dedicated team observes the traffic coming onto the website in order to zero in on the set of keywords or phrases that have been most commonly used. This set is then focused on the most.

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Being a PPC agency in Leeds gives us the unique advantage of being situated in the heart of a cosmopolitan city where we can actually study the spending behaviour of people both on and offline. This gives us a well-rounded picture of the market, allowing us to gauge the trends of the online marketplace through our understanding of the offline world. After introducing PPC ads to the website, we conduct a competitive analysis where we keep a constant eye on the strategies and tactics being used by businesses across the globe. We take inspiration and try to constantly evolve our PPCs to stay fresh and relevant.

At Progeny Digital, we understand that not all businesses function alike. PPC in Leeds might not work for a company that wants PPC for a global audience. That is why we tailor our services to bring in visitors that are relevant and therefore reduce the overall negative match. This can be done by limiting the geographical targeting in some cases or catering to certain demographics, based on age, gender and other socio-economic factors.

Google Ads & Facebook: Better Together

If you are still questioning whether you need professionals to help you with your business’s PPC management, then we are happy to inform you that we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes take the next step through the utilisation of PPCs. Our portfolio contains small, large and multinational companies that lack an in-house PPC team or do not want to invest in the expensive infrastructure that is required to support PPCs. We offer our services across the board to companies in several different industries.

Pay Per Click Strategies

Our team of young experts work tirelessly to give you contemporary solutions that have the ability to evolve in a very dynamic online environment. The constant monitoring of the PPC advertisements helps us learn more about the performance of your online platform and how to tweak it to make it work for you better. To learn more about how we can help your specific business, do reach out to us here!

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