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Instagram is the world’s largest visual marketing platform on the internet, second only to its parent company Facebook. Every day, people scroll through millions of posts and stories from around the world and the incessant sharing of photographs on and from Instagram gives rise to viral stories every single day. From cuddly cats to make-up artists and professional travellers, Instagram is a beautiful, almost whimsical place where people go in search of entertainment, information and much more!

All of the above when combined make Instagram an invincible force that is bubbling with marketing opportunities, waiting to be tapped into. Progeny Digital offers Instagram marketing services in Leeds which help you and your business tap into the full potential of your Instagram account and your current and potential viewers. We follow a three-step process that includes generating interest, grabbing and holding attention and finally converting the attention into a profitable business.

Digital Marketing Plan

Businesses around the world share a few goals and one among those is garnering customer loyalty. Instagram offers a visual and fun way of achieving customer loyalty. If your marketing campaign on Instagram is able to entertain or educate its viewers through its posts, stories or live videos, you are able to retain more viewers eventually converting them into loyal customers.

We, at Progeny Digital, understand the analytics, market research and platform studies that go into making an Instagram account that can work towards expanding your business. Our experts offer Instagram Marketing Services that cater to your business on Instagram throughout all the stages of its development and execution. We offer services to revive old Instagram accounts, to create new ones, reinvent your company’s online persona or simply develop it further.

How can our Instagram Management help?

Apart from the creation process, we also help you manage your account once it is afloat, helping you outsource content generation or generate reports regularly, whatever you might need. Our team is young, creative and experienced and offers out-of-the-box solutions to elevate your business account, making it stand out in the crowded online world.

To learn more about how we can help your particular business, do reach out to us here. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your future Instagram marketing plan.


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