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Although businesses have been consistently moving towards the digital space for the past two decades, the global shutdown has accelerated the pace almost exponentially. This, in turn, has exposed businesses of every size to a whole range of opportunities that they might not have realised otherwise. The online commercial sphere has become more interesting but also more challenging than ever before!

Therefore, your business needs a partner that understands this space and can help you not only navigate it better but also carve your own niche. We, at Progeny Digital, offer you just that and a lot more. We offer e-commerce development in Leeds with services that range from the design, content and running of your e-commerce platforms. We understand that when it comes to e-commerce, the website holds the potential to either make or break the business. That is why we employ experts in the field to create an end-product that shows results.

  • We deliverEcommerce web design suitable for your business and brand
  • Our services24/7 support and website management

Ecommerce development and Magento development

We bring you along the journey of creating your digital empire right from the first step. Since your business started from you, it is only logical to begin our research with you. Our researchers spend time with you, getting to know your vision and specific goals to create the ethos of your website. We understand the power of the creator’s vision and therefore keep it at the forefront of our website designs. The next step is to learn about your current and target audiences. This step provides us clarity, enabling us to start developing our content and design style.

The third phase of the development involves bringing in our experience, expertise and imagination to create an e-commerce website that works for you. Our trusted platform throughout the development is Magento. Our in-house experts have been offering Magento Development in Leeds for the past several years which has made them aware of both the local and global digital markets. This allows them to tease out even the last bit of utility from the platform, resulting in optimal website designs that stand out.

Start Ups and new business ventures

Although we create the layout for the website ahead of time, the design comes at the rear end of the process. We offer e-commerce web designs in Leeds that compliment your business. Whether you want a website that is content-heavy and reflects your expertise in the field or a website that talks about the creative and or philanthropic aspect of your business through an emphasis on design, we deliver both with equal ease. Several decades of collective experience has made our team more adept at gauging what type of design might benefit your particular business.

Ecommerce web designs

We, at Progeny Digital, not only develop your website but also offer support once your website goes live. Once a website goes live, it might need to be tweaked and adjusted and if that is not the case, your team might need to be trained to face the basic technological challenges. We understand all the post-go-live needs of an e-commerce website and cater to those to ensure that your transition to the online sphere is a smooth one.

To learn more about the different kinds of services we offer at Progeny Digital, you can reach out to us here. No matter whether your e-commerce business is brand new or simply needs a revamp, we are happy to help!


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